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Visit the Calanques National Parc from the Vieux-Port of Marseilles on board a hybrid electric boat.This eco-trawler with low environmental impact appeared to us like the ideal ship to explore the National Park of Les Calanques in small groups. While minimizing its energy consumption you will enjoy a very confortable boat ride thanks to its modern and smart design.10 meters long and 3,50 meters wide, Eco-Calanques is powered by a hybrid engine. Its roof is covered with 6 solar panels to insure an electric drive.This very modern technology allow us to reach the Calanques in total quietness.This smooth sailing, respecting the environment, allows passengers to enjoy the observation of the local sea life and well preserved scenery.

Cyrnos 1

Excursion en petit comité dans les calanques

Avec sa capacité d’accueil de 11 personnes, découvrez le cœur du Parc national des Calanques en petit nombre à bord de notre semi-rigide de dernière génération.

Alliant confort et dynamisme, ce bateau tout équipé (bains de soleil, douchette, frigo, musique) vous permettra de rejoindre nos belles calanques en peu de temps. Avec son moteur de dernière génération, il permet de réaliser des déplacements rapides à plus de 20 nœuds tout en limitant ses émissions.

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Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

To heighten the adventure on your voyage, why not take a kayak or paddle tour? Choose a guided excursion, or set out on your own.
Our specialized partners are available to meet your needs.
In partnership with “Glisse pour tous,” “Active road,” and “Rascasse kayak.”

Paddle et activités nautiques

Motorized nautical activities

Have a blast tubing or water skiing! In the Bay of Marseille and around the Frioul islands, you can enjoy those sports while being respectful of the environment, protected species, and yatchmen.

Excursions with a Naturalist Guide

Disembark on the Frioul archipelago in search of rare species, guided by a naturalist from “ECOBALADE*”.
* ECOBALADE’s website offers an application to download for the recognition of species

Noctilio, Alliance et le Don du vent

Guided tour

Sailing tour of Marseille with a guide: discover Marseille’s history, monuments, and historical figures on a sailing tour guided by an expert eager to share his love for this unique heritage.

Le Château d'If

Scuba diving

Choose Alliance as your headquarters to discover the beauty of Marseille and the Calanques National Park’s seabed. The shipwrecks and ever-flourishing plant and animal life will surprise you, just as they did Captain Cousteau in his day.

Imagine your perfect day:
– Sail to Riou Island for a beautiful anchorage. Get ready for an amazing Big Blue-like setting!
– One of our partners will guide you for a safe and supervised dive.

– After the dive, we will meet on Alliance for an aperitif and a meal served by the crew.
– Tranquil return trip to the city in under two hours of sailing.

Les dauphins en méditerranée

Musical events

To make your party on board a success, use the services of a DJ or a band.

Soirée à bord du voilier Alliance

Photos and videos

To capture this memorable moment, enjoy the services of a professional photographer or videographer.
Our partners:
Vie en mouvement, Sébastien:
Jean-Marie Perrot, photographer:

Les voiles de la Goélette Alliance